Hi Everyone! 
I am Teresa Harp Butler, owner of Turquoise Reign. 
I am a mom, grandmother, retired cowgirl and love all things turquoise!
While growing up, back in the 1970s, each summer our family would travel to rodeos in New Mexico, where I remember admiring all the beautiful jewelry and purchasing a few special pieces from the reservations and shopping areas.  We have a lovely collection of memories from those days!
 Through my passion for turquoise jewelry and my 'I'm gonna try that' attitude, I became a self-taught silversmith a few years back.  I've enjoyed creating unique pieces for family and friends.  I will offer a small collection on the website with my label, TS Designs.  All of my jewelry will be specifically marked with my current hallmark 'THB', and available on the website's 'TS Designs' page.  All NA jewelry will list the artist's hallmark, etc., and will be the bulk of the website.
I am thrilled and grateful for this opportunity to share my passion for Native American jewelry with you through Turquoise Reign!
I want to say 'Thank you' to my family,  customers, and future customers.   Your support is essential and greatly appreciated!
I am excited and looking forward to getting to know you all here, where TURQUOISE REIGNS!
- Teresa